Environmental monitoring

Maintain comfortable conditions, use energy more efficiently and save money.

Monitor conditions and occupancy in each room or zone within a building, in real time.


See real-time

Access live air quality, temperature, humidity, door and window data to get an instant view of the conditions around the building.


Monitor conditions
in each room

Monitor the conditions and occupancy in each room to identify waste and understand the most efficient ways to use heating, ventilation and air conditioning.


room control

Use energy efficiently and maintain a comfortable environment by automating control in each room or zone based on live conditions.

Find out how environmental monitoring sensors helped improve the efficiency of building systems based on real-time air-quality data.


How it works

1. Collect environmental data

Small, unobtrusive sensors measure air quality, temperature and humidity, and detect occupancy, door and window data to get an instant view of the conditions in each room or zone within a building. They’re wireless and use very little energy, making them easy to install and maintain.

Environmental sensors
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Desk occupancy sensors
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Door and window sensors
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Smart repeater
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Smart gateway
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2. Make your existing system smart

Data is sent wirelessly and securely from our sensors to any number of receivers. Because our technology is platform agnostic, the data from our sensors can be used in any way you need.


Integrate data into
any software or IoT platform

Our smart gateways convert sensor data to industry-standard MQTT protocol and makes it available locally or via the cloud.


Connect directly to
smart devices

Our sensors and actuators interact directly, allowing you to automate local control systems.


Feed directly into existing
building management systems

Sensor data can be used in systems with protocols such as Modbus, letting you monitor, control and report within an existing BMS.


Want to learn more?

Download our environmental monitoring guide to see what our technology could do for your business.

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