Wireless EnOcean repeaters

A cost-effective way to transmit EnOcean sensor signals over greater distances or around obstructions within a building


Extend EnOcean wireless range

Repeaters can extend the wireless range of EnOcean sensors from 30m up to 90m within line of sight (LoS)


Work around obstructions

Repeaters can be used to redirect signals around obstructions to help create a clear signal between a sensor and gateway


Minimise interference

Our selective repeaters allow you to choose which sensors to repeat, reducing unnecessary signal interference

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How our smart repeaters work

The standard wireless range for EnOcean devices is 30m within the line of sight (LoS). Once a device is installed inside a building, this can reduce, depending on the building materials used. Using a repeater can double or, if two repeaters are used, potentially triple the distance of the signal. This offers a low-cost way to extend the range of devices and collect data from a wider area within a building.

Our smart repeater receives messages from EnOcean sensors and re-transmits them. Depending on the configuration and the building, repeaters can extend the sensors’ range from 30m up to 90m. Repeaters can also be used to change the angle the signal travels around obstructions to create a clearer path to the receiver.

Most repeaters re-transmit every message they receive, which can cause massive interference and signal failure. Our smart repeater lets you be selective and choose which sensors are repeated, meaning the signals received are far clearer.


  • Extend wireless range of sensors up to 90m, depending on the configuration of a building
  • Select which sensors to repeat to minimise unnecessary data being transmitted and maximise available bandwidth
  • Fitted with external antenna
  • Powered via USB
  • Function as a level-1 or a level-2
  • Radio link test mode
  • Transmit data wirelessly and securely – using AES-128 encryption – via EnOcean wireless protocol, which uses internationally approved, licence-free ISM bands
    • 868 MHz for Europe (RED)
    • 902 MHz for North America (FCC) and Canada (IC)
  • Manufactured in the UK to high-quality and high-safety specifications, they are subject to rigorous testing procedures.
  • Dimensions: 93 x 65 x 28 mm (approx)
  • Packaging unit: single (min. 25 pcs)

Wireless smart sensor and connected technology


Quick to install and set up


Ultra-low power, energy-harvesting


Secure licence-free transmission


Interoperable and scalable


Highest quality and compliance


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