Indoor air quality (IAQ) sensor

Simplify your Smart Building.

Monitor multiple parameters of indoor air quality with one device.

One indoor air quality sensor, one installation, multiple benefits.

Our indoor air quality sensor accurately measures the carbon dioxide (CO2), volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and a wide range of particulate matter (PM), temperature and humidity levels in a room.

These small, discreet sensors wirelessly connect to our smart gateway, which then sends data straight to your preferred IoT platform. Allowing you to integrate near real-time data into your systems and ensure conditions are at optimum levels.

An office staff at the meeting with a sensor monitoring indoor air quality

Monitor the air quality for healthier, more sustainable building operations and better conditions of the occupants.

Monitor all aspects of air quality

Measure ambient carbon dioxide (CO₂), total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs), particulate matter (PM1/2.5/4/10), temperature and relative humidity, all in a single sensor.

Get accurate updates every 5-60 minutes

Designed for fitting at head height to ensure accurate indoor air quality readings, our sensor sends reliable readings every 5-60 minutes.

Access data locally or in the cloud

Data can be sent securely to a local network or the cloud — via Ethernet, LTE (4G) or WiFi. No subscriptions or recurring fees.

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Technical specifications

Features Measures ambient carbon dioxide (CO2), total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), particulates (PM1/PM2.5/PM4/PM10), temperature and relative humidity.

Reports room conditions every 5-60 minutes (configurable)

Small, discreet sensors simply mount to the wall.

 Range • CO2 0-5000 ppm (accuracy +/- 60 ppm +5% of reading)

• PM1/2.5/4/10 1-511 μg/m³ (accuracy for 1 and 2.5 μm +/-10 μg/m³ at less than 100 μg/ m³ and +/-10% of reading greater than 100 μg/m3. Accuracy for 4 and 10 μm +/-25 μg/m³
at less than 100 μg/m³ and +/-25% of reading greater than 100 μg/m³)

• VOC Index value between 1-500 (accuracy +/- 15 % of reading for index)

• Temperature -10-50o C (accuracy +/- 0.5o C)

• Humidity 0-100% RH (accuracy +/- 5%)

Wireless communication

EnOcean internationally approved, licence-free ISM bands:
868 MHz for Europe (RED)

EnOcean Equipment Profile (EEP): D2-15-58

Power 5V USB to DC mains adapter (supplied)
Dimensions 110 x 110 x 39 mm (approx)
A ribbon with Pressac Communications certifications and credentials

How it works

Our technology is system agnostic, the data from our sensors can be used in any way you need. There are different options to choose from, making it easy to get your data in the way that’s right for you.

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