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Sensorfact help clients save an average 10% on energy with Pressac’s energy monitoring sensors

Sensorfact, one of the fastest-growing tech companies in The Netherlands, is helping its clients make savings with Pressac’s energy monitoring technology.

The software company, which counts Heineken, Mitsubishi and Henkel among its clients, was recently named in Deloitte’s list of the 50-fastest growing tech companies in The Netherlands.

It uses Pressac’s sensors to help create end-to-end energy management solutions for manufacturing clients across the world.

By feeding the sensor’s accurate real-time data into Sensorfact software customers can understand, control and reduce their energy consumption.

While SMEs all want to be more sustainable, and use resources like energy more efficiently, they don’t always have the means to evaluate their consumption and implement better practices. Sensorfact aims to make sustainability simpler and more achievable.


The challenge

Sensorfact started out as energy advisers for manufacturing companies. They’d calculate how much energy each machine used and deliver a report listing energy-saving opportunities and a business case for investment.

However, without any real data on how much energy each machine consumed, their calculations were based on estimates and assumptions. This meant it was hard to show potential customers the true value of what they could offer.

Their challenge was to find a way to accurately measure energy consumption at a machine level. To make it simple and accessible they needed a system that could be installed without stopping production and didn’t need a large upfront investment.


The solution

Sensorfact searched for manufacturers of wireless current clamp sensors and found Pressac.

Our plug-and-play current monitoring sensors met their criteria for installation as they simply clip around a phase in a machine or distribution panel. Paying a fixed fee per sensor also helps keep the initial outlay low.

The energy sensors are wireless, using the EnOcean protocol to send data up to 50 metres. And because they use energy-harvesting technology they’re incredibly low maintenance, with no need for a power supply or battery.

Sensorfact used a small number of sensors in their own office, then trialled the system with a customer before rolling it out.


“Pressac were great to work with and helped us move quickly – they responded to our queries straight away and were fast to deliver. We also like that they’re open to co-developing new technology with us in the future.”

Pieter Broekema, Co-founder, Sensorfact


The results

Our energy-monitoring sensors measure the amount of energy consumed by each machine every 30 seconds. Data then feeds into Sensorfact’s software, allowing them to give accurate, real-time insights in the energy used by machines and components.

This gives manufacturers greater control over their production process, as they know how each machine is functioning at any time. Continuous energy monitoring allows them to find ways to reduce consumption, such as machines left running after operations have finished and outdated machines causing suboptimal performance. Anomalies in the machines’ energy pattern are also a key indicator that maintenance or repairs are needed – an advance warning that could prevent breakdowns and unplanned downtime.

On average, these insights have helped Sensorfact’s customers use 10% less energy. Sensorfact have rapidly grown their customer base and their energy-monitoring solution is now used by brands including McDonald’s, Heineken and Schiphol Amsterdam Airport.

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