Technology that makes buildings talk

Smart building sensors and connected technology used in millions of businesses and homes worldwide

A leading manufacturer of smart building sensor technology

Today’s connected buildings give businesses the power to create safer, healthier environments and achieve new levels of operational efficiency.


As a trusted technology partner to some of the world’s leading organisations, we understand you need a cost-effective solution without compromising on performance and reliability.

And because your needs are likely to evolve along with your business, our solutions are scaleable and highly flexible.


Wireless smart sensor and connected technology

From occupancy and people flow to air quality and energy monitoring, our smart sensor technology allows you to collect data, detect changes and control your building’s environment and assets. Automatically and in real time.


Quick to install
and set up


Ultra-low power, energy-efficient


Secure licence-free transmission


Interoperable and scalable


Highest quality and compliance

Scalable, secure and interoperable

Because our technology is system agnostic, the data from our sensors can be used in any way you need.

Platform agnostic, our flexible sensor technology allows you to securely integrate with your intelligent cloud platform or smart-building system, so you can generate valuable insights and deliver intelligent building management.


A trusted technology partner to some of the world’s leading IoT software and services companies

Enhance your offering and grow your business with an innovative and forward-thinking technology partner.

Our smart sensor technology is designed to help you deploy large-scale, efficient and sustainable IoT solutions that operate reliably, securely and cost-effectively.

Partnering with Pressac means benefitting from our unrivalled industry experience, excellent reputation and high-volume manufacturing capabilities.


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Pressac’s smart building technology is used in millions of businesses and homes worldwide

As a trusted partner to some of the world’s leading companies, we’ve been designing and manufacturing smart technology for over 60 years.

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