Technology that makes buildings talk

Smart building and connected technology used in millions of businesses and homes worldwide

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A leading smart technology manufacturer

What if you always knew what was happening inside your buildings? If you knew how rooms and resources were being used, how equipment was functioning, or what the conditions were? What if you knew all this in real time?

We design and manufacture the technology that makes it all happen. Our technology helps millions of businesses and consumers worldwide to connect their buildings and equipment to the network, enabling them to talk to applications, to each other, and to you. All in real time. We partner with organisations across the world to offer reliable, cost-effective hardware in high volumes.


Over 60 years’ experience and technical expertise


Quality and environmental management assured


Compliance with global health and safety regulations


5,000 sqm high-tech UK manufacturing facility

A trusted technology partner to some of the world’s leading companies


Smart building solutions

Our smart sensor technology allows you to collect data, detect changes and control your environment and assets. Automatically and in real time. And because our technology is platform agnostic, the data from our sensors can be used in any way you need.


Bespoke manufacturing

If you need a bespoke solution, that’s no problem. With in-house design, development and quality-assurance experts, plus our own high-tech UK manufacturing facility, we can manage the full lifecycle of product creation, from design and prototyping to manufacture and distribution.

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