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BI Oslo uses Pressac sensors to shape the learning environment of the future

Using data insights to create added-value for campus users.

BI Norwegian Business School is the largest business school in Norway and the second largest in Europe. BI has four campuses, with its main one located in Oslo.

With over 10,000 students and staff living on the campus — often all there at the same time — the School wanted some clearer insights into how its space was being used so managers could make more data-driven, fact-based decisions.

The challenge

With such a lot of people and such a large area — the campus covers 95,000 square metres — the challenge lay in simply keeping track of how its various zones were being used. The School wanted to have clear visibility of utilisation of different areas, such as workspaces, canteens and reading rooms, both in terms of capacity and timings.


The solution

The School worked in collaboration with technology company, an innovative proptech company from Norway. The first step was to carry out a pilot project using Pressac sensors to record and report on the way these zones were being used and at what times. The idea being to use this data to develop innovative solutions and services to offer added value for everyone using the premises. deployed a number of Pressac sensors and used a platform which supports typical data points in a building. The system can obtain and interpret data in areas such as noise, temperature, air quality, movement patterns, needs-based cleaning or occupancy in areas at different times.

All people counting is done with their express awareness, in consultation with trade unions and student organisations. The data is anonymous, not capturing faces or any personal identification information.


The results

The data is made available via’s platform, from which the management can extract insights. The building’s users can also use a customized app and easily find information on meeting room capacity and booking, check if there is a free parking space available, and report any issues.

The insights from the pilot project will help determine how the Oslo campus can be developed further. The data will also be used to develop the foundation’s other regional campuses in Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim.



“Predicting user behaviour and other patterns with high precision gives the management a better decision-making basis for the right measures in energy saving, indoor climate, capacity, well-being and an improved learning environment.”

Svein R. Kristiansen, senior advisor for Sustainable Campus Facilities at BI Business School.


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