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Pressac smart gateway gets US approval

Pressac’s smart gateway has received FCC (Federal Communications Commission) approval for its ethernet-only version, meaning the product can now be used in the US.

We’re delighted our gateway has now been approved for use in the US, allowing us to help even more organisations better understand the way their buildings work,” says Robert Smith, Pressac’s Technical Director. “Our compliance with EU regulations also means that companies across the globe know they are using a high-quality product that meets rigorous industry standards.

The wireless smart gateway receives real-time sensor data – via the EnOcean wireless protocol – from up to 500 sensors at a 30-metre distance inside, or 300 metres outdoors.

Pressac's Smart EnOcean gateway

Pressac’s Smart EnOcean gateway

This protocol uses internationally approved, licence-free ISM bands:

  • 868 MHz for Europe and other countries adopting RED
  • 902 MHz for USA (FCC specification) and Canada (IC specification)
  • 928 MHz for Japan (ARIB specification

The data is converted into industry-standard format (JSON) and published using MQTT protocol and sends it locally to the cloud via Ethernet. Essentially, it’s a catalyst for turning raw information into active data, which organisations can then analyse and review.

Translating data this way makes it simple for companies to integrate the real-time sensor data into their existing IoT platforms, software applications and systems.

Because Pressac’s technology is platform agnostic, the data from our sensors can be used in any way you need. For example, integrate our occupancy sensors with your room booking system, to automatically detect when desks are occupied or cancel bookings if no one shows up. Or control HVAC and lightning by integrating environmental data into your Building Management System.Integrating smart sensors with your IoT platform or software application

Note: FCC approval for Ethernet-only connection.

The gateway also has the CE mark, meaning it complies with EU safety, health and environmental legislation.

As more companies are seeking sustainable building solutions by monitoring and managing energy use, the gateway is an essential piece of kit to bring data to life. And as offices seek to find equilibrium through coronavirus and beyond, managing building and office occupancy has become increasingly important.

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