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Pulse counters product update

Pressac’s wireless pulse counters can now be used in the US and Canada.


he sensors previously only transmitted their data on the 868MHz wireless band which is standard throughout Europe, but the new version transmits on the 902MHz band more commonly used in the US and Canada.


The sensors count the number of pulses from electricity, water or general meters, as well as machinery and equipment with a pulse output. This data is then transmitted wirelessly to your local network or the cloud.


Measuring the outputs of machinery in this way can help identify areas where equipment isn’t working as well as it should be, spotting potential problems before they develop, and saving on costly repair bills.

They can also help make significant energy savings, as was recently the case at the Toyota manufacturing plant in Derbyshire, where the company used Pressac’s sensors to create an energy map of their production process to ensure it is running as efficiently as possible.


Jamie Burbidge, Product Manager for Pressac, said:


“With more and more businesses looking to make both cost and energy savings, these pulse counters are a really handy tool  for the manufacturing industry, helping to monitor energy, utilities and equipment efficiency. We’re really pleased that we can now offer them to the North American market where, like the UK, government policy is increasingly focusing on emission reduction and sustainability.”

For more details on the counters click here.

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