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Pressac featured on AWS IoT partner solutions page

An increasing number of organisations are discovering the benefits of using IoT technology to gain granular data and intelligence about all aspects of their business. And with this rise in understanding of the advantages of smart technology comes a sharp increase in demand for expert IoT solutions providers.

IoT projects are typically more comprehensive and complex than other IT undertakings, and this means finding the right hardware, software and expertise to bring all aspects of the project together. From devices and data collection to cloud storage and analysis, organisations need full end-to-end services to give them the complete picture on their data.

As such, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has introduced a new partner solutions page, the AWS IoT Solution Repository. Here, users can find solutions built by AWS Experts and the APN Partner community, IoT Solutions on the AWS Marketplace, and the AWS Partner Device Catalog, all in a single place. They can search and filter solutions by industry, solution type, use case, and AWS services used.

As more companies are seeking sustainable building solutions by monitoring and managing energy use, the gateway is an essential piece of kit to bring data to life. And as offices seek to find equilibrium through coronavirus and beyond, managing building and office occupancy has become increasingly important.

Pressac is delighted to feature on the list. In fact, we make an appearance twice.

Pressac Desk Occupancy Monitoring Solution for Healthy Workplaces. This enables building managers to monitor desk occupancy with ultra-low power, wireless technology. The desk occupancy sensor accurately detects real-time presence and continually monitors desk occupancy, so they can track utilisation and implement smart desk and room booking.

Pressac Equipment Energy Monitoring Solution. This solution helps organisations monitor energy usage at a granular level to reduce energy consumption and increase cost savings. Pressac sensors and gateways monitor building consumption and provide actionable data for more efficient energy use.

“We know that we have an excellent range of IoT solutions, and as demand for these gather pace it’s essential that companies are turning to the right people,” says Jamie Burbidge, Product Manager at Pressac. “That’s why we’re so pleased AWS has featured us on their IoT Solution Repository, demonstrating to their customers that we meet their rigorous criteria for excellence.”

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