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Pressac’s latest appointments

We are pleased to share that Pressac has recently added three exceptional professionals to our Sales and Design Teams, further strengthening our capabilities in these areas.

Chris Fowler

Please join us in giving a warm welcome to Chris Fowler, our new Business Development Manager (Occupancy Lead).

Chris is an analytics expert with a wealth of experience in utilising location-based data to enhance business performance.

More recently, Chris has worked on projects exploring hyper-local patterns in air quality data and the social impact of pollution, by understanding where people spend their time.

Throughout his career with the likes of Boots, Experian and The Local Data Company, Chris has always stressed the value of using the best quality data, to provide maximum confidence in decisions and avoid costly mistakes from inaccurate analysis.

I am excited to join a team that values professional expertise and customer satisfaction. I am eager to contribute and help our customers take advantage of market growth.

Let us introduce you to Charlotte Lee, our new Business Development Manager (Energy Lead).

Meet Charlotte, a seasoned Business Development Manager with a well-established history of fostering growth across various industries, including expertise in manufacturing technology, Industry 4.0, IIoT/IoT, engineering, banking and financial sectors. Charlotte is proficient in key account management and global prospecting, excelling in initiating strategic new business development efforts and establishing vital partnerships to drive business expansion. Our new BDM is passionate about cultivating customer relations as well.


“Joining Pressac feels like embarking on an exciting journey where I see boundless opportunities to contribute, innovate and grow. It’s not just a new company, it’s a fresh canvas for me to paint my professional aspirations and make a meaningful impact”, Charlotte adds.

Stephen Keetley, Engineering Manager at Pressac Communications

We are thrilled to introduce Stephen Keetley, our new Engineering Manager.

Stephen has a strong technical background in electronics and software and has a wealth of experience in developing a wide range of IoT-based products from various sectors.

He has managed both local and remote-based teams for SMEs as well as introduced growth and development for businesses in a sustainable fashion.

His addition to the team will drive quality and professionalism for the design side of the business, whilst dealing with project management, departmental capacity, and capability.

Stephen says, “I’m delighted to join Pressac to work on the next phase of products and help customers create smart building solutions that suit their needs.”

Pressac’s MD, Pete Burbidge, expressed excitement in welcoming Chris, Charlotte and Stephen as they bring instrumental expertise and skillsets in achieving the company’s 2023 growth plans, making Pressac a preferred technology partner for smart workplace solutions.

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