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Our starter kits provide the perfect way to try things out

If you’d prefer to do a test run before committing to a full order, our starter kits provide the perfect way to try things out. They contain everything you need to build and implement a smart solution, giving you the opportunity to explore how the products will integrate with your existing systems.


Starter kits


Indoor environment

Measure air quality and climate in a room or zone



Measure electrical consumption at a circuit, zone or machine level



Measure the occupancy of desks, rooms and spaces



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Easy-to-access data

Each starter kit contains a Pressac smart gateway. The Pressac Smart Gateway receives the near real-time data from all sensors within range, converts the raw data into an easy-to-use JSON format, then publishes it using MQTT protocol. Data can be sent – via Ethernet – to any local or cloud MQTT broker; securely to IBM Watson IoT, Microsoft Azure IoT Hub or AWS loT Core; directly into Google Sheets; or to a Node-RED application.

Note: Pressac Smart Gateway can use Ethernet, LTE (4G) or WiFi. The starter kit comes with an Ethernet-only version.

Integrating smart sensors with your IoT platform or software application

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