Partner success story

Sensorfact’s software combined with Pressac’s hardware has helped their customers use 10% less energy


“Pressac were great to work with and helped us move quickly – they responded to our queries straight away and were fast to deliver. We also like that they’re open to co-developing new technology with us in the future.”

Pieter Broekema, Co-founder, Sensorfact

Netherlands-based software provider Sensorfact aims to make sustainability simpler and more achievable. Using Pressac’s energy-monitoring sensors to feed real-time data into their software accurately measures the energy consumed by machines at manufacturing facilities. In turn, this helps their customers understand, control and reduce energy consumption.

Prior to partnering with Pressac, Sensorfact would make energy consumption estimates, which made it difficult to demonstrate the true value of their offering to potential customers. They knew the best way to do this was to precisely measure energy consumption at machine level, without a large upfront investment or halting production.

Pressac’s plug-and-play sensors were the perfect solution. Wireless and energy harvesting, they simply clip around a phase in a machine or distribution panel.

Together, we can offer their customers real insights into their energy consumption, allowing them to seek ways to reduce this. They are also alerted to potential issues via irregularity in a machine’s energy pattern.
The combination of their software and our hardware has helped their customers – including McDonald’s, Heineken and Schipol Amsterdam Airport – make energy savings of around 10%

Sensorfact offer a fixed fee per sensor, allowing companies to keep costs low, and the sensors and access to software and services are up and running within a day.

It’s the perfect example of how partnering with Pressac can bring tangible added value to your offering.

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