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Security mode introduced to make buildings talk securely

UK smart-building sensor manufacturer, Pressac Communications has introduced a new security mode across its range of smart sensors.

To tackle the ongoing threat of data security, Pressac has increased the security of its sensor range. The new security measures include proven encryption, authentication and rolling code to ensure secure data transmission. Upgrades have been carried out on the device firmware and hardware to enable the devices to have a secure mode operation. When activated, the secure mode will encrypt communications between devices, gateways and actuators.

“Pressac understands that security of devices and data is crucial for our customers. Introducing the security mode across our smart building sensor range means that we can offer existing and potential clients the option to install fully end-to-end secure systems. All devices will have the option to enable a secure mode to ensure systems built with Pressac devices and gateways are fully secure.

We continually review and improve our products to ensure we design, manufacture and connect sensor technology, which securely captures the data needed to meet future challenges in building management.”

James Bailey, Product Manager – Wireless Products, Pressac

The security features also apply to Pressac’s new range of low energy mini sensors that can measure CO₂, temperature and humidity, as well as detect occupancy and door and window status, to give an instant view of the conditions in each room or zone within a building. The data captured can feed into an existing building management system or through Pressac’s smart gateway and can integrate into any software or platform.

Third party products without security can still communicate with Pressac gateways, but in a non-secure mode. All interactions between Pressac devices and Pressac gateways will be able to switch to a secure mode option if required.

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