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Pressac’s new innovation for simple testing and trialling of sensors

Organisations looking to install smart sensor technology can now access a simple-to-use testing facility. The initiative will help organisations test and validate sensor data and develop proof of concepts (POCs) or small sensing projects.

The new Pressac smart gateway functionality simplifies testing by sending sensor data to a Google Sheet as its received.

This is a simple way of viewing data from Pressac’s sensors without the complications of setting up a complex IoT solution,” says Jamie Burbidge, Product Manager. “Organisations can quickly and easily see telemetry provided by Pressac’s sensors in a familiar spreadsheet environment and add charts and graphs if they want to.”

Once enabled, the smart gateway can receive live sensor data from multiple sensors, convert into a readable format, and send it directly into the chosen Google Sheet.

“Gathering translated data this way makes it simple for organisations to see how sensor data can drive intelligent decision making, helping them save time, optimise usage and ultimately see cost savings” adds Jamie.

Pressac has also recently launched a new eCommerce site to facilitate the purchase of Pressac’s sensors and smart gateway.

Please note: Google free accounts have some limitations, so we recommend you add billing information and adjust API requests to suit your requirements/budget. There is also a 5 million cell limit per sheet which, when taking data from some Pressac sensors could be consumed quickly.

For more information, take a look at our Google set-up guide.

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