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Pressac’s eCommerce site makes smart sensor shopping easy

Buy online for testing, proof of concept or small projects

Smart sensors offer accurate, real-time insights into your building’s data, from energy use through to occupancy. These are now available to buy online, perfect for organisations looking to trial run the technology, develop proof of concepts or who have small sensing projects.

Pressac’s wireless, ultra-low-energy sensors detect, measure and monitor a building’s environment and assets and give you access to real-time data locally or in the cloud. There are a number of ways to access data. Organisations can:

  • Visualise data using Node-RED
  • Access data through Google Sheets
  • Use one of Pressac’s smart software partners’ applications
  • Send data to a cloud MQTT broker or IoT platform such as Azure, AWS or IBM
  • Feed data into building management systems with protocols such as Modbus and BACnet, using a third-party gateway.

“Introducing a place where organisations can buy a few sensors for trialling or small sensing projects means they can see all the benefits of installing sensors without having to create a full IoT solution,” says Peter Burbidge, Pressac’s Managing Director. “They’re easy to buy, simple to install and quick to deliver data – ultimately helping businesses reduce operational costs, automate processes and make data-driven business decisions.”

Organisations who’d like to try the products can enjoy a 5% discount on a starter kit (a smart gateway and any five sensors) and Pressac currently delivers to Europe, the USA and Canada.

“If you’d like shipping to other countries, are looking to order over 100 sensors or think you’ll have regular requirements, we’d ask you to get in touch,” adds Peter.

The online shop is available now and can be accessed here

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