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Pressac partners with UMA to create intelligent workplaces

Enabling organisations to monitor real-time workspace occupancy and environmental conditions, improving user experiences and helping reduce operational costs and carbon footprint.

Smart-building sensor manufacturer Pressac Communication has entered a partnership with workplace intelligence software provider UMA, to provide integrated technology which transforms workplaces into super-intelligent, highly responsive spaces.

The combination of Pressac’s smart sensors with UMA’s leading-edge software allows businesses to monitor real-time workspace utilisation and capture environmental insights to create a more efficient, safer and sustainable working environment.

Pressac’s smart sensors use advanced wireless technology, which allows them to be kept separate from an organisation’s IT network. This makes them easy to install and integrate real-time data straight into UMA’s software. Their ultra-low power consumption means they need minimal maintenance, with batteries typically lasting over five years.

“The workplace is changing at a dramatic rate. Business intelligence and key metrics around occupancy and environmental conditions are now essential for adapting to changes in the needs of the workforce, optimising the workplace environment and improving employee experiences.” says Gavin Fletcher, CMO at UMA.

UMA’s unique approach to workspace optimisation uses a combination of technology, software and machine-learning algorithms. This enables their clients to digitally transform by taking a human-centred design approach.

“Pressac has been supplying technologies to support the smart building industry for over 60 years, and we are committed to helping our partners grow, innovate and satisfy changing customer needs through world-class smart technologies,” said Peter Burbidge, Managing Director at Pressac. “We are immensely proud to count UMA as one of our partners and will work closely with them to improve workspaces with access to real-time data, while providing high interoperability and the ability to scale at speed.”

Stephen Milner, Founder and CEO at UMA said: “Our key mission focus for our business is to innovate through digital transformation. Pressac will be a critical partner thanks to its smart sensor technology, partnership approach and cost-effective and broad portfolio, which has been easily integrated into the UMA software platform.”

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