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New pulse counter sensor for remote consumption monitoring

Transform ‘dumb’ meters — older, legacy models — into smart meters.

Pressac’s latest addition to its portfolio of smart sensors is a pulse counter, designed to count the number of pulses from electricity and water meters, as well as other machinery and equipment with a pulse output.

Pulse CounterThe sensors can turn legacy meters into smart meters; reading kWh for electricity, m3 for water, or counts for general meters. The real-time data is sent to a smart gateway, encrypted, and sent to a local network or to the cloud platform, via Ethernet, LTE (4G) or WiFi.

This allows organisations to remotely monitor consumption at a granular level and gain a detailed understanding of how electricity and water are being used. Using this data, organisations can calculate their consumption, monitor how it changes over time, and plan future energy use and costs accordingly.

The sensors can also be used on machinery and equipment with a pulse output to remotely count the number of pulses generated. For example, to count the number of ‘events’ such as a door opening and closing, the number of units produced from manufacturing machinery, and foot traffic from turnstile use.

The battery or mains-powered sensors use EnOcean low-power wireless technology, making them easy to install and very low maintenance.

“We’re very pleased to add the pulse counter to our portfolio of energy monitoring sensing solutions,” says Jamie Burbidge, Product Manager at Pressac. “Enabling organisations to remotely monitor energy consumption at meter and machine level means we can help them make informed decisions about how they could make potential energy — and cost — savings.”

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