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Pressac launches new support portal

Helping customers plan, install and integrate their smart sensor technology

Smart sensor developer and manufacturer Pressac Communications Ltd has launched a new support portal, aimed at making it easy for customers to install and use the technology. Ultimately, this will support businesses as they turn their spaces into smart, connected buildings, generating real-time data to drive more accurate decision making.

The portal acts as a hub of information, featuring step-by-step set-up guides, troubleshooting advice and information on Pressac’s range of sensors.

Users can also access support on backing-up and restoring their gateway, as well as find answers to questions on everything from setting up a password to changing their gateway’s name.

The guides cover a range of platforms, including AWS, IBM, Azure and MQTT.

“We wanted to set up this support portal as, for some of our customers, this is new technology and they need some initial guidance,” says Jamie Burbidge, Pressac’s Product Manager. “For others, it’s about having instant access to advice about changing information or restoring their gateways, while others are introducing different types of sensors to their existing portfolio.”

“From planning and installing to integrating and using, we’ve covered every aspect of the technology, which we hope will give our customers the confidence and clarity they need. Technology can be complex without being complicated – while our sensors are highly accurate and offer granular detail, their set-up and maintenance is relatively simple.”

The support portal will be available from April 2021 and can be accessed here

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