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New people flow sensor for monitoring room utilisation

Leading UK smart sensor manufacturer, Pressac launch new people flow sensor to detect people going in and out of a room. The data will enable organisations to monitor people flow and indicate the number of people within a room, while respecting individuals’ privacy.

Pressac Communications has added a new product to its already impressive portfolio of smart occupancy monitoring sensors. The people flow sensor uses time of flight technology to detect when a person walks towards or away from it. It’s designed to be mounted above a single doorway to detect the in- and out-flow of a room. The data is privacy and GDPR compliant – the sensors don’t use cameras or personal information, so the data is fully anonymous.

Pressac’s People flow sensor

The launch coincides with a growing need among global enterprises to redefine buildings and analyse data on how to best redesign workspaces for more flexible and distributed working. These sensors can be used to monitor a room’s occupancy levels, observe people movement throughout a building, and to help occupants adhere to social distancing requirements. They can also help organisations use their space and energy most efficiently.

“Our people flow sensor is the perfect addition to our range of sensors,” says Jamie Burbidge, Product Manager at Pressac. “We want to help organisations optimise their spaces, and monitoring people flow is one of the best ways to do this — especially as more people are returning to the workplace with social distancing and occupancy quotas in place.”

The sensors are fully GDPR compliant — there are no cameras and individuals aren’t identified, just the flow of people moving in and out of a room.

Real-time data from the sensors can be sent to a local network or the cloud — via Ethernet, LTE (4G) or WiFi — using Pressac’s smart gateway, which includes ready-made connections to MQTT, IBM Watson IoT, AWS loT Core, Microsoft IoT Hub, Google Sheets and Node-RED.

This data helps organisations gain a clearer understanding about the way their spaces are used, and make informed decisions about how they could be optimised.

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