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New developments to make Pressac’s sensors even easier to integrate

Pressac’s sensors will soon be compatible with even more different systems, following the introduction of some important new developments this summer.

Environmental Monitoring Sensors


Our product development team are constantly working hard to ensure that our sensors are as accessible and easy-to-use as possible.

Upgrades being launched between now and Autumn will mean they can be used with even more IoT cloud platforms or integrate easily with existing software.

Robert Smith, Pressac’s Technical Director, said: “Our customers love our sensors because they are lightweight, easy to install and consume very little energy, but we’d like to be able to offer our products to more people.

“The launch of our Gateway device earlier this year means the sensors are now compatible with popular IoT cloud platforms IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure. The developments we plan to roll out over the coming months will widen this even further – giving people the ability to connect the sensors to Amazon Web Services, their own software systems, or to access data and dashboards without having to be connected to a cloud platform.”

New developments coming this summer are:

  • Starter kits: Designed for those that would like to test how Pressac’s sensors work with their existing systems, the starter kits contain everything you need to trial our sensors and see the data they provide. Launching in August, they contain a range of sensors and a gateway which converts their data into industry-standard MQTT protocol – which enables users to send data to the compatible platform of their choice. There are three different types of starter kit – energy monitoring, occupancy monitoring and environmental monitoring.
  • Node Red added to Gateway: By adding Node Red to our Gateway device, we are removing the need for customers to use one of the cloud-based platforms. The Node Red application enables data to be pulled from our sensors. This functionality is important for those who do not subscribe to a cloud-based platform as it provides the ability to see and analyse data locally. It will also be launching in August.
  • Amazon Web Services connectivity added to Gateway: Our Gateway device, which takes the data collected by our sensors and sends it to where you need it, is currently compatible with two of the most popular cloud-based platforms IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure. This update will mean it can also link the sensors with Amazon Web Services, which is increasingly being used by many of our customers.

Work will also be continuing throughout the year to look at widening the range of different protocols our sensors use.

Robert added: “Our ultimate aim is to ensure Pressac’s technology is accessible to as many people as possible, providing sensor solutions that are energy-efficient, reliable and easy-to-integrate into a wide range of existing systems.”


If you’re interested in finding out more about any of these new developments, or trialling a starter kit in your business, contact our team.


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