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Expanded occupancy sensor range to aid the safe return to workplaces

Pressac’s updated occupancy sensing solutions can take businesses through COVID-19 and beyond

As offices begin to welcome back employees, social distancing measures and guidelines currently remain in place. To help organisations rise to the challenge of creating a safe place to work, Pressac have adapted and expanded their occupancy sensor solution range.Office occupancy sensors

Pressac’s original desk occupancy sensor was designed to monitor a narrow field of view and 180 degree radius, to pick up the movement of a person under the desk and not behind or next to it. However, the sensor is easily adapted, and Pressac has repurposed the sensors to offer three new solutions.

The first of these is table occupancy sensors. The under-desk sensor has been updated to now detect movement at a 360 degree radius. The small, battery-powered sensor sticks on the underside of the table, enabling continuous, real-time table occupancy monitoring. Alternatively, it can be placed on a ceiling to detect presence at a table.

The second solution is cubicle occupancy sensors. This time, the under-desk sensor has been repurposed to use on a wall or ceiling and can measure range up to 5m. This enables you to detect live presence in a toilet or office cubicle, and can also be used for lighting control – effectively checking for occupancy, rather than simply turning out lights after a given time. This conserves battery-life, which is typically three to five years.

Lastly, a new battery-powered room occupancy PIR sensor with a wider field of view for room occupancy/presence. If the space is very high use, this sensor can also be USB powered, to avoid the need to change batteries.

“Pressac’s sensors have long been used for effective workspace and energy monitoring, helping organisations see real-time continuous data,” says Robert Smith, Technical Director. “By making these simple adaptations, we can help businesses manage their safe return to work, with simple and discreet solutions that will take them through COVID-19 restrictions and beyond.”

Data is sent wirelessly and securely – using AES-128 encryption – via EnOcean wireless protocol, which is designed for reliable transmission in networks with many sensors, such as smart buildings.

Data can be sent locally or to the cloud using our smart gateway to any MQTT broker, or securely to IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure or AWS loT platforms. Enabling you to easily integrate live sensor data into your existing software application or IoT platform.

Pressac is also prototyping two new sensors to add to our portfolio. A people-flow sensor will measure the number of people going in and out of a door, ensuring maximum occupancy is adhered to. And a people-counting sensor can help to create heat maps, measuring not just occupancy but adjacency, a critical aid for maintaining correct social distancing.

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