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A smart partnership to ease the headache of managing new return-to work practices

A partnership between Pressac and workplace management software provider Matrix Booking is designed to help ease the headache of managing new return-to-work practices by using smart building technology

As workplaces begin slowly opening their doors again to employees, the challenge for facilities and buildings managers is to comply with social distancing requirements, maximum occupancy guidelines and increased cleaning demands. All while continuing to operate effectively with maximum output and productivity.

Smart sensor technology can help them to meet these challenges head on, monitoring occupancy in different areas of an office and feeding continuous data back in real time to help managers effortlessly navigate the new working norms in their office space, from desk booking to cleaning rotas.

“We are delighted to partner with Matrix Booking to offer occupancy solutions to organisations seeking a safe return-to-work system,” says Peter Burbidge, Pressac Managing Director. “The combination of our hardware and their software offers a highly practical, workable solution to new workplace requirements.”

Pressac produces wireless sensors to monitor a range of factors in the workplace. Crucially, they can offer essential data for return-to-work practices, including when a space is occupied and when it becomes unoccupied. The small wireless occupancy sensors simply stick on the underside of a desk, table or on a wall, so the office does not look any different and there is no need to drill holes or wire them in.

The data is sent securely to the cloud via using Pressac’s gateway – which timestamps and converts it into easy-to-use JSON format – enabling Matrix Booking to easily integrate the real-time occupancy data into their workplace and visitor management software tool.

This data is then analysed to manage desk and room bookings, ensure the correct maximum occupancy in workspaces, and develop cleaning regimes while the guidelines are in place.

Office, meeting room and desk booking systemBut this partnership also offers strong long-term solutions too, taking organisations into the new post-COVID-19 working world.

“It’s a fact that remote working is now a way of office life as it has proven to work well for many staff and employers alike,” says Matrix Booking Director Joe Harris. “New logistical challenges will likely be in managing potentially smaller workspaces with flexible occupancy. Having accurate, real-time data can help businesses develop tailored long-term strategies.”

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