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Common security challenges with deploying smart sensor technology … and how to overcome them

Smart sensor technology offers a whole host of benefits, presenting highly accurate, near real-time data that can support decision making and automation. From occupancy to energy, environmental conditions to people movement, smart sensors can offer up details about almost every aspect of a workspace, resulting in time, cost and energy efficiencies.

So far so good. But some organisations can be put off introducing smart technology as they are concerned about security issues. Here, we explore what some of these security challenges in smart buildings might be, and how organisations can overcome them.

Data protection

Many companies worry that their data will be compromised. However, it’s much safer stored on a cloud platform than a personal computer. Encryption on most smart sensor products is also extremely secure — it would take even the smartest computer programmes around 100 billion years to crack.

Supporting interfaces

Your IoT devices may be secure, but if the interfaces they are interacting with aren’t then you could be heading for some security issues. The apps, services and protocols they use all need some attention too. Device authentication can help here, only allowing authorised users secure access to a device and its data. Digital certificates, meanwhile, will enable an authorised digital entity such as a computer or IoT device to securely transfer data.

IT networking

Look for a gateway, such as Pressac’s, which can send data via Sim/4G, so it isn’t part of your IT network.

Forgotten Internet of Things (IoT) devices

Especially in larger organisations, some of these connected devices can be forgotten about, which leaves them more vulnerable to misuse. IoT device management platforms can help here, offering a single view of all connected devices, monitoring, maintaining and updating them and detecting any security issues.

Password protection

Default or easily guessable passwords can leave devices open to hacking. Look for solutions that have settings such as a one-time password which you change when you install the device, two-factor or biometric authentication and account lockout.

Skills gaps

Fear of adopting new technology often stems from lack of internal expertise. But you ignore smart technology at your cost — it’s here to stay. Training, upskilling, consultancy and external support is all widely available to help make sure your IoT devices are being utilised in the safest and most secure way.

Regular updates

A device may be perfectly secure when you buy it but become more vulnerable over time, if it’s not regularly updated. Always choose a responsible manufacturer who secures embedded software or firmware, includes reasonable password management and offers regular security updates.

It’s understandable to be concerned about security before you install any new technology. In fact, it’s wise to be cautious. Always look for a trusted manufacturer and solutions provider who can talk to you about how to overcome any specific challenges in your organisations.


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