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Choosing the right smart IoT sensor hardware partner

Integrating sensors into your software means choosing the right products. But it also means choosing the right IoT sensor hardware provider. This article outlines what to look for when making your decision.

When you’re looking for a smart IoT sensor hardware manufacturer to partner with, there are a number of key questions to ask to help inform your decision-making.

What is the company’s experience like?

This means doing some research into the company history. Many smart IoT sensor hardware providers are relatively new and will be in the early phases of business development. Choosing an established and experienced sensor hardware company with a good track record of delivering products can help to future-proof your systems and means it’s less likely that the company will disappear within a few years.

It’s also a good idea to research the types of projects they’ve worked on and look for testimonials from previous customers. Are they trustworthy and reliable? Do they provide good customer service and a positive experience? Reputable companies should be happy to provide these for you.

How quickly can they design and manufacture products?

Ideally, you need your time-to-market to be as short as possible, getting products completely ready in a short time frame. Choosing a reputable smart IoT sensor manufacturer who is experienced at quickly producing high-volume products can minimise lead-time, while still retaining the quality of the product. Plus, they’re more likely to be able to adapt to growing demand if requirements change.

It’s also worth finding out whether a company has the expertise and capabilities to manage the full production process, from design and prototyping to manufacture and distribution.


What testing do they carry out?

Look for a company with a proven track record of rigorous testing, not just of their own products but of the combined software and hardware at the earliest possible stage. Do they have the right equipment for an effective test environment? The more complex the system, the more robustly it needs to be tested before the operational phase.


What pricing models do they offer?

Different pricing models can save you money, so explore what’s on offer. For example, you could be entitled to a discount if you adopt a reseller model or a financial rebate for partnering with a sensor hardware company.


What added value do they bring?

Industry experience can offer huge added value. A long-standing smart IoT sensor hardware manufacturer can bring insights and expertise that will really enhance your offering. For example, making sure the system is as resilient and offers as much coverage as possible by carefully planning the placement of sensors and receivers.

For smooth and seamless implementation, ask what testing, training, implementation support and experience a company offers.

Look for companies who offer the potential to test ‘proof of concept’ and then scale up quickly if successful.


What quality accreditations do they have?

Quality is key when installing systems on a national or international scale. If things don’t work properly the impacts could be far-reaching, costing far more than the savings made from buying something cheaper initially. There are also issues around credibility and reputation.

Companies with ISO 9001 accreditation have strict quality management processes in place to ensure they are producing goods to a high standard, while ISO 14001 means they are taking their environmental responsibilities seriously.


Can they assure security and data protection?

IoT systems constantly collect, exchange and process vast amounts of data, and it’s vital that any system you implement uses the highest-possible security standards. Always ask potential hardware partners how they meet these standards.


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