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Benefits of smart sensor technology

Smart Sensors are transforming the way we do business. This new breed of unobtrusive, wireless sensors provides accurate, real-time information, giving us a more holistic view of our operating environment. It’s fair to say, they’re making businesses more informed than ever before.

So, how can these smart little devices benefit your business? Let’s begin with the big one. Improved data capture. These new sensors have the potential to revolutionise the way we manage information. They allow us to collect and analyse even richer sources of data, arming us with the information we need to get a more realistic overview of the operating environment. Real-time feedback and analytics can identify trends and deliver insights to managers to drive improvements and reduce disruptions. Businesses capturing this type of data become better-informed and more agile as a result.

Another key benefit is increased efficiency. These Smart devices can have a positive impact on every area of business, helping to drive down energy costs and boost productivity. Let’s take space utilisation. Facility managers are forever looking at better ways to optimise their facility’s layout and increase efficiency. Smart Sensors can detect and monitor occupancy of desks, rooms and spaces in real-time, giving facility staff more insight into how a space is being utilised and what improvements could be made.

Smarter energy saving is also made possible by such sensors. Live data can tell us where energy is being used and by continuously tracking and collecting this data, you can identify energy wastage and savings. Sensors can also be used to manage and maintain assets, with monitors able to detect any problems and switch off any assets when not in use. Other energy-saving devices include sensors that monitor and measure temperature or those that detect when a window or door is left open.

Safety and security are other key areas. Joe Oliver, VP and GM of Security for Building Technologies and Solutions said, “A safe, secure environment is a comfortable, productive environment”. Smart Sensors are able to detect anything from an open door or broken window, to even monitoring a presence in a room or increased carbon emissions. By implementing these integrated Smart systems, you can have peace of mind knowing that your business is safe and secure. And with people spending on average 80-90% of their lives in buildings, it’s crucial that businesses look to these smarter ways to protect their staff and assets.


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