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Product Description

The Pressac Sensing Thermally Powered Temperature Sensor is designed to measure the temperature of a metallic ferrous surface to give early warning of a possible overheating or failure.

In normal operation, two temperature measurements are made. One measurement of the ambient air temperature, and one measurement of the attached ‘metal’ surface. Periodic readings, powered by a small battery are made every four hours. When the ‘measured’ surface becomes warm, more frequent measurements are made and telegrams sent powered by the on board energy harvesting Peltier device. Initiation of this frequent reporting and subsequent device powering comes from a differential in temperature of the ambient and measured surface temperature.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Easy, de-skilled installation (attached with magnets)
  • Prolonged battery life by energy harvesting from the warm surface when in use
  • Can be used for preventative maintenance monitoring
  • Measures surface temperature and ambient temperature
  • Energy harvesting – powered by the thermal energy from the monitored surface


  • The Thermally Powered Temperature Sensor attaches using adjustable magnet
  • Reports the temperature of a surface and the background ambient temperature
  • Battery + Peltier powering gives >10 year life


  • Measure temperature of a brake shoe to give early warning of possible brake failure
  • Drive train temperature monitoring
  • Motor and ball screw temperature monitoring