Repeaters provide range extension of EnOcean wireless signals the typical in-door range of 30 meters can be tripled to 90 meters.


Figure 1 Range without repeater


Figure 2 Range extension through repeater

Using more than 5 repeater devices that all have radio contact will overload the radio channel with repeated telegrams which will result in collisions and telegram losses.

Checking Repeater Mode

  1. Push STATUS and LEARN for 1 second

  1. LEARN LED Flashes X times for mode X (1, 2 or 3 = No Repeat)

Repeater Modes

  • Mode 1: Level 1 repeater Repeats only received original subtelegrams

  • Mode 2: Level 2 repeater Repeats only received original or once repeated subtelegrams

  • Mode 3: No repeater (Default) Repeater disabled

Changing Repeater Level

The Intelligent Relay is capable of being a level one or level two repeater.

  1. Push & hold STATUS and LEARN After 3-4 seconds (BOTH LEDs Flash) Once LEDs stop flashing release buttons.

  1. Press LEARN LED X times for Repeater mode X

If the LEARN button is pressed more than twice both LEDs flash RED to indicate an invalid entry. Repeater settings must be re-entered.

E.g. to set repeater mode 2.

   Push and hold STATUS and LEARN buttons

   Short press LEARN

   Press and hold LEARN

Intelligent Relay is now set to Repeater mode 2