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EnOcean for Japan


Product Description

An energy harvesting, pulse counter designed to count pulses from an installed electricity meter and output a KWh reading via the Enocean Wireless protocol.

Designed to be installed onto an existing electricity meter, the Pressac energy harvesting pulse counter takes it’s energy from the power cable supplying the meter via a CT clamp. A minimum of 300mA needs to be flowing through the meter at the time of pulse measurement and telegram output.

Connection to the electricity meter itself for pulse counting is via a standard ‘dry contact’ relay output or an open collector output from the meter.

Depending on meter type, the number of pulses to be counted for a KWh measurement can be configured between 0.1 pulses per KWh and 1000 pulses per KWh via DIP switches.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Low cost enabler – integrates existing Electricity Meters into an EnOcean environment
  • Energy harvesting – fit and forget
  • EnOcean Compliant


  • Configurable pulse counting for a variety of industry standard meters
  • Local storage of energy consumption on the device (EEPROM)


  • Metering and Sub-Metering applications
  • Energy monitoring