The Pressac Wireless Pulse Counter needs to be commissioned before use. There are 2 ways in which the unit can be commissioned.

  1. Self-powered learn

    As the unit is 100% energy harvesting, it can only perform a self-powered learn if it is clipped around a conductor and there is a minimum of 300mA flowing. If this is the case, clip the clamp around the conductor and wait for a period of 30 seconds above 2A, 2 minutes below 2A. Press the learn button which is on the top of the main housing. The LED should briefly flash. The Pressac Wireless Pulse Counter is now commissioned.

  2. Manual registration

    Alternatively, the unit can be commissioned onto your EnOcean network manually. To do this you will need the unique EnOcean ID of the Pressac Wireless Pulse Counter and also it’s EnOcean Equipment Profile. The EnOcean ID and the EEP are printed on the product label on the Pressac Wireless Pulse Counter.

To be able to count meter pulses the Pressac Wireless Pulse Counter must be correctly clipped around the cable, ensuring that the ferrite cores within the clamp reliably and consistently touch each other. In permanent installations, the unit can be cable tied to the conductor for added security.

Once installed and commissioned, telegrams are transmitted every 1kWh or once per hour whichever sooner.

The product uses an EnOcean STM400 Module for transmitting the wireless data. It supports the following EEPs (EnOcean Equipment Profiles):

EEP A5-12-01