Mount the PoE Repeater in its desired location, away from any objects that might obstruct the radio signal or reduce its range. The unit can be placed flat on a desk or wall mounted using the mounting plate. Screw the mounting plate to the wall, then clip the unit onto the plate. If mounting in a control panel, make sure the panel box is plastic so that the radio signal can travel through it. If mounting in a metal box the aerial must be removed and connected outside the panel with a 50ohm coax lead. Please note that the connector type is RP SMA (reverse polarity). Do not over-tighten the aerial as it may cause damage.

Always use the approved aerial provided with the unit. Fitting a more powerful aerial will cause the PoE Repeater signals to travel further than designed. This will invalidate the warranty and may be contrary to the radio licence in your country.

Connect the PoE Repeater to the Ethernet using a CAT5e or CAT6 cable.  If the user’s own network has a PoE sourcing device, then the Repeater will power itself from this. After 10 seconds, the orange LED on the RJ45 connector and the power LED on the front of the repeater will be on to show that the unit is now powered. If the user network is not PoE, then connect the Repeater to a 100mA 48V dc power supply using the DC jack on the side. Do not connect both the 48V power and the PoE at the same time, as this may confuse the PoE power source and cause malfunction. The Repeater will work automatically. The yellow RJ45 LED will flash for every EnOcean telegram detected.