Installation and commissioning may only be performed by an authorised electrician in accordance with these installation instructions and the relevant current national wiring regulations. Mains power to equipment must be switched off during installation. This device is intended for installation in a plastic back box. Never install in a metal enclosure or in close proximity of metal objects.

For installation in round “schuko” backboxes, the mounting tabs can be trimmed.

  1. Isolate mains power supply
  2. Safeguard input power supply with an MCB circuit breaker type B, BSEN 60898 10Amp rated
  3. Ensure that the intelligent relay is mounted on an even surface inside a standard wall box within range of receiving sensors.
  4. Install the intelligent relay only as shown in the above diagram
  5. Ensure the Intelligent Relay and wall box are secure
  6. Switch on mains voltage
  7. Assign input devices to intelligent relay (maximum 30 sensors) (see Programming)