Three cable entry glands located on the bottom of the Three Channel Temperature Sensor are designed for the entry of three individual probe cables.  

To ensure the overall IP rating of the sensor only one cable should be fitted per gland. The glands are designed to accept cable between 3mm and 6mm in diameter. Ensure glands are fully tightened and any unused glands are blanked by inserting the provided plugs and tightening the gland.

The connection block in the centre of the Three Channel Temperature Sensor PCB has spring loaded contacts. To insert the cables from the probes use a small flat blade screwdriver to depress the white lever on the top of the block, this opens the cable entry hole and the cable can be inserted.

T1= Temperature Sensor Channel One

T2= Temperature Sensor Channel Two

T3= Temperature Sensor Channel Three

The cables from each probe are not polarity specific and can be connected either way around.