Connection Diagrams

Meter With Open Collector Output

Meter With Relay Out

When setting up the pulse counter it is recommended that the CT is clipped around a cable with at least 2A flowing in the conductor. This enables enough power to be available for resetting, set-up and teach in. Once commissioned the pulse counter will work with primary conductor currents down to 300mA


  • Connect wires to Pulse terminal of meter
  • Plug RJ11 in to the socket labelled Pulse
  • Plug CT into socket labelled CT
  • Connect CT to incoming meter feed
  • Initial charging of the device to a state where learn can be pressed may take up to two minutes with supply currents between 300mA and 2A
  • Set DIP switch 1-3 for pulse and dip switch 4 for security on/off
  • Press learn


  • Unit must be powered up via CT
  • Set DIP 1-4 to ON
  • Press and hold Learn for 5 seconds
  • Release learn - LED will double flash
  • After reset all settings will be cleared and you must set up as above