Available Variants:


Measurement Range

Frequency Type

Part Number


1 - 60A (50Hz or 60Hz)

EnOcean for Japan

60.2PCT 60A 50/60HZ.928

Product Description

The Pressac Wireless 2 Channel CT Clamp is designed to measure and report the AC current flowing in 2 separate phases. Powered from any of the measured conductors, the measured current in both Phases is reported every 30 seconds. Capable of measuring currents up to a maximum of 60A (50Hz or 60Hz), per channel the Pressac Sensing 2 Channel CT Clamp is easily installed with no disturbance to the measured conductors.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Requires no interruption to electrical supply
  • Easy, deskilled installation (simply clip around cables)
  • Knows what devices or appliances are switched on, and their energy usage
  • Uses proven wireless technology
  • No batteries, inductively powered
  • Fully EnOcean  compliant