NTEs and Broadband Connectivity

Pressac is at the forefront of providing advanced copper connectivity solutions. Our portfolio of last mile broadband enabling hardware includes:


Pressac is a specialist in the termination of network wiring in the home. Our range of BT style, and RJ11 NTEs provide reliable network wiring termination coupled with easy demarcation of customer wiring. The removable Customer Connection Unit concept facilitates Service Specific Applications to be plugged in without disturbing customer wiring.
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DSL Filters

Designed to seamlessly integrate with our NTEs, the Pressac range of centralised DSL filtering solutions are used by leading operators such as BT and Eircom. Proven performance and reliability has made Pressac a leading supplier of both BT style and RJ11 style VDSL2 filtering solutions.
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New Developments

Pressac is currently developing the next generation of extended frequency, dc tolerant network termination equipment and filtering solutions for use in emerging technologies such as GFAST.