Pressac at The Energy Event 15


Pressac Communications will be exhibiting highlights from their updated Pressac Sensing product portfolio. This range of innovative and unique products provide smart monitoring for BMS professionals, to enable them to monitor and improve energy performance, thus facilitating an efficient and sustainable building. For electricity monitoring the company offers a selection of enhanced Current Transducer (CT) Clamps. The clamps do not require batteries, wiring or interruption to the power supply and can simply be clipped around any AC cable to measure the current flowing in a single, dual or 3 phase mains conductor. Pressac will also be showcasing development products specifically designed for the PV market within this range.  For air quality monitoring within buildings, the range includes a unique solar powered, wireless CO2, Temperature and Humidity Sensor. The Intelligent Relay has unique functionality to provide flexibility; it not only incorporates the functions of a standard Relay product – for example, control of plant equipment, repeater function -but it also enables existing installations to be adapted and upgraded via its unique mains input sense feature.

The range is complimented by a Dashboard and IP Gateway. The Dashboard is cloud-based, meaning there is no software to install, and its appearance can be individually configured to suit the user’s specific requirements. The IP Gateway provides connectivity between IP-based networks and EnOcean-based wireless devices. Users can monitor and control EnOcean networks from IP servers and devices in real-time and bi-directionally.

We will be exhibiting on stand D17 and alongside EnOcean on stand D20.