Dry Contact Sensor EnOcean Mini Series

Dry Contact Sensor

The Pressac Sensing Mini Series Dry Contact Sensor is designed to detect and report change in any volt free dry contact output. The Dry Contact sensor offers fast, easy and reliable push-wire connection of two wires. The back-mounting plate can be affixed using adhesive film or screws.

  • Energy harvesting – powered by ambient light from the surrounding environment
  • Battery variation, for robust operation in dark environments
  • Fast installation time - minimal disruption for retro fits
  • Optimal positioning - no wiring constraints

Battery and Solar Powered
Solar or Battery

Available solar only or solar with battery backup

Dry Contact
Dry Contact

Reports open/close state of dry contact output

EnOcean Enable
EnOcean Enable

EnOcean enable dry contact outputs

Wireless Encryption
Wireless Encryption

Secure AES-128 EnOcean encryption

Dry Contact Technical Data
Measurement Range Reports Open/Close
Transmission Rate (Dynamic) Instant on Open/Close
Else every 15 minutes
Sense Current 1uA
Battery Life* ( Battery Back-up Variant Only) Up to 10 Years
Battery Type (Battery Back-up only) CR2354
Repeater No
Telegram 1BS
Environment Indoor
Enclosure Material PC-ABS
Calibration Factory Calibrated
Operating Temperature Range -20ºC to +60ºC
Storage Temperature Range -20ºC to +60ºC
Dimensions 76.5mm x 28mm x 17.5mm approx
Maximum wire gauge 1.3mm
EEP D5-00-01

*Typical life expectancy of the battery is dependent on ambient light conditions and use-case.

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