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How Pressac’s sensors helped Cavendish Engineers create an award-winning building controls system

Cavendish Engineers chose our sensor technology to control ventilation systems based on real-time air-quality data.

Cavendish Engineers are experts in the built environment. With over 20 years in the industry, they’re known for their innovative approach to designing and delivering retrofit solutions.

Their service allows clients to minimise energy consumption, improve performance and efficiency and create more comfortable spaces in which to live and work.

They were commissioned by their client British Land, a UK market leader in high-end commercial property, to improve the efficiency of workspaces across their London portfolio.

The challenge

2 Kingdom Street is a 12-storey office block in Paddington, home to a variety of high-profile businesses, including Microsoft.

Built in 2010, the development received a BREEAM Excellent rating, but Cavendish were able to prove that even in a building like this there was still room to improve its energy credentials.

An audit revealed the ventilation system was highly inefficient. It was running at full speed, throughout the working day, with energy being used to supply fresh air regardless of need.

Pressac's wireless CO2, temperature and humidity sensor

Pressac’s wireless CO2, temperature and humidity sensor

The solution

After meeting Pressac at the Smart Building Show, Cavendish found an ideal solution in our CO2 sensors.

The sensors use wireless technology and are solar-powered, making them easy to install and incredibly low maintenance. They also offer a high level of accuracy (within 125ppm) while remaining cost effective.

By retrofitting sensors on each floor of the building, they could get an accurate measurement of CO2 levels throughout the day, then control the air handling units based on demand.

Rather than running at full speed all day, units respond to increases in CO2 levels as occupancy increases. As well as preventing the building from wasting large amounts of energy, the technology also gives facility management teams full, 24/7 visibility of workspace conditions.

The results

The project has delivered a 42% reduction in air handling, a 15% reduction in gas consumption and a 10% reduction in electricity consumption since its completion in August 2017.[1]

It won the CIBSE Building Performance Award for best energy management initiative in 2019.

Cavendish Engineering have since developed and installed their intelligent system, now known as C-Tech, in offices of numerous blue-chip companies across London. They’ve also expanded the system to encompass our temperature sensors, which deliver intelligent heating and cooling driven by real-time demand.

[1] Figures correct as of 2019.

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