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If you’d prefer to do a test run before committing to a full order, our starter kits provide the perfect way to try things out. They contain everything you need to build and implement a smart solution, giving you the opportunity to explore how the products will integrate with your existing systems.


Environment monitoring
starter kit

Measure CO2, temperature and humidity in a room or zone

1 CO2, temperature and humidity sensor + 4 mini temperature and humidity sensors + 1 smart gateway

starter kit

Measure electrical consumption at a circuit, zone or machine level

4 three-channel current sensors + 1 smart gateway

starter kit

Measure the occupancy of desks, rooms and spaces

5 desk occupancy sensors + 2 mini door and window sensors + 1 smart gateway


Contact us to build your own starter kit to suit your needs

Choose up to 5 sensors + 1 smart

Each starter kit contains a smart gateway, which sends the data – via an Ethernet cable – to the internet where a range of different cloud platforms such as IBM Watson or Microsoft Azure can be used to display and analyse it.

If you do not wish to sign up to a cloud platform, there is also the opportunity to display the data using the Node-RED programming tool which is already installed on the Gateway.

For those looking to integrate sensors into your own software of platform we also offer Developer Kits, which convert the data to MQTT format for easy integration.

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